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Generic Cialis Shown to Have Fewer and Less Severe Side Effects than Viagra »

Posted on 24 Jul 2013

In studies conducted by the U.S. Federal Food & Drug Administration, generic Cialis was shown to cause fewer and less severe side effects than those treated with Viagra (Sildenafil).

Generic Cialis vs Brand Cialis »

Posted on 09 Jul 2013

Discover the differences between generic Cialis and the brand version so you know which one to choose when talking to your doctor about treatment options for your condition.

About Generic Cialis »

Posted on 18 Jul 2013

If you are considering taking generic Cialis, it is important you know as much as possible about the medication to prevent risks associated with the drug and to get the most benefit from it.

Things you should know

Generic Cialis: things you should know

Generic Cialis has become one of the most popular ED drug types on the web lately. However, there are many people who still think that generic Cialis is inferior to the original brand variation. Of course, this misconception primarily stems from the belief that cheaper things are always worse. But it's certainly better to do your homework before making any claims or refusing from very attractive offers that can save you a lot of money. So what do we have to know about generic Cialis before making a purchase online?

It's the same thing

The most important thing to know about all kinds of generic drugs is the fact that they are chemically identical to their brand counterparts. If a drug is called generic Cialis this means that the active ingredients, mechanism of action, dosage and effects will be identical to those you get with ordinary Cialis. So it's virtually the same thing, which only costs much less.

It costs less for a reason

The main reason why people think that generic Cialis isn't any good is because it usually costs only a fraction of the original's price. However, there's a good reason for this. First of all, generic drug manufacturers don't invest money into new drug research and marketing, so they don't need to return the investments like brand drug manufacturers do through increased market prices. And most of generic drug makers are located in countries with cheap labor, so their products are naturally cheaper.

There's a risk of counterfeit

Truth to be told, there's a slightly higher chance of getting a counterfeit product when buying cheap generic Cialis. However, this risk is also present when buying brand drugs from unknown sources on the web. That's why it's important to buy both brand and generic Cialis only from trusted online vendors.

It will help you

Let's agree that the main reason why people consider buying generic Cialis is because they have problems with erection quality. And what's really important about generic Cialis is the fact that it works, and it will certainly help you!